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Career Tool Kit Package

6 Sessions | $2,0000

1 hr | $2000: 2 months

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The Career Tool Kit Package consist of 6- 1 hour session | $2000.00
Are you stuck in your job seeking more, but not sure what you want to do?
Do you feel lost scrolling through search LinkedIn and Indeed waiting for something to pop out at you?
Do you want to a career and job that is more fulfilling and connected to your values and who you are?
If you said yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place!
Let's take a deep dive in discovering your passion and explore your skills to design and map your future and get you hired.
This 6 session intensive package will help you uncover your passion and purpose get you the clarity you need to leave that dead end job and get you hired where you want to be.
Your journey is just getting started. START HERE!!

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1 hr | $2000: 2 months
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